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Have a drawer full of knives, but nothing sharp? Stop crushing your food instead of cutting it. Don't use fixed-edge sharpeners that grind down and destroy your knives. Introducing the Bavarian Edge™, the innovative knife sharpener with independent spring-action arms that makes your old blades razor sharp again. READ FULL DESCRIPTION Bavarian Edge is not your generic knife sharpener. It's different from other knife sharpeners because it has two independent spring-action sharpeners made of ultra-hard tungsten carbide that flex and contour to any blade or angle. You can sharpen any knife blade using Bavarian Edge™. - standard, beveled, or serrated! Give your old knives a makeover and transform them into razor sharp tools in seconds. Your old knives will chop, slice, filet, and dice just like the day you got them with Bavarian Edge™.

Transform your knives with Bavarian Edge for only $19.99 and FREE shipping and handling. But wait! We'll double your order and you can get a SECOND Bavarian Edge™. Just pay a separate fee of $9.99. Hurry - this offer won't last long. Order now!


  • Generic
    Knife Sharpener
  • Sharpens Standard Knife Blades
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Unique Independent Spring-Action Arm Design
  • No
  • Yes
  • Made From Ultra-Hard Tungsten Carbide That Flexes And Contours
  • No
  • Yes
  • Sharpens Standard, Beveled, And Serrated Knife Blades
  • No
  • Yes
  • Restore Dull Blades - Hone, Sharpen, And Polish Knives
  • No
  • Yes

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Independent Spring-Action Arms Make Your Old Blades Razor Sharp In Seconds

Ultra-hard tungsten carbide flexes & contours to your blade's shape for ultimate sharpening

Standard, Serrated, Or Beveled Blades, Bavarian Edge™ Sharpens Them All!

Hone, Sharpen, And Polish With Bavarian Edge™ To Restore Your Old Blades

Bavarian Edge™ Features & Benefits


Tungsten Carbide

All Blades


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Get your knives as sharp as the day you got them and order Bavarian Edge for only $19.99, plus FREE SHIPPING. But wait! You can double your order and get a SECOND Bavarian Edge. Just pay a separate fee of $9.99. UPGRADE your offer to the DELUXE Edition Bavarian Edge that has an EXCLUSIVE Micro Diamond Particle infusion for only $29.98, plus FREE SHIPPING. Sharpen your knives with the luxurious sharpening surface infused with diamond particles for the ultimate durability. LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Your Bavarian Edge is covered by a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, which covers the lifetime of the product. If anything happens to your Bavarian Edge under normal usage, you will receive your money back, less shipping and/or depreciation. Intentional misuse, mistreatment, or abuse to your Bavarian Edge is not covered under the lifetime warranty, and voids said warranty.